Always Wrong

If you follow the rules in conventional society, then no matter what you are wrong. The picture below was when I was doing just that – dressed appropriately for my accounting job, in an unhappy marriage that I was trying to make work, diligently attempting to follow all of the rules that I had been […]

No Thank You

I love men. Truly, I do. They are funny, smart, quirky, interesting, sweet, kind, and loving. Most of my friends are even men. They are half of the population. I love how much they can fully love and appreciate women and all of our quirks, our anger, our rage, our sadness, our grief, and our […]


I desire to feel you watching me, Your eyes following my every move, Gentle play occurring as you come closer, To feel the thickness of the air growing as we become closer together. I desire to feel your touch, Your hand in mine, Gentle caressing of my naked arm, To stare into your beautiful eyes […]

Time Management

I have always had a problem with time management.  I have a pattern where it seems I am always working very hard but never getting anything finished.  After six months, I look back on what I have done and I am exhausted with nothing to show for that time.  I have tried many different approaches, […]

Setting Up the Nest

In the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM), one of the steps is setting up the nest. This nest is the physical set-up (yoga mat, blanket, pillows, etc.) in which you and a partner actually come together to do the partnered practice. Below is a sample picture of what a nest can look like. The amount […]


Failure is such a chargy word. I prefer “I fucked up!” Thanks Robert Kandell for that gem! Why? When I say it out loud with my arms in the air just like Rob taught, I just feel better. It makes space for me to make any adjustments and change my ways too, instead of being […]


Just writing the word money causes so much sensation within me. I could feel a warm buzz throughout the trunk of my body. We forget so often that money is actually a tool in our toolbox to assist us in creating the life we want. Many times, we abuse it like so many abuse food […]

You are the Tool

Without surrendering to being a tool of Spirit/God/Higher Power/Universe, the event pictured above would never have occurred. A little over a year and a half before this event, the person I was seeing attempted suicide not once, but twice. I could have curled up in a ball and no one would have questioned my choice […]