The mission of Corybantic Muse is to inspire you on your quest to create and maintain an incredible life. This means looking at the arenas of your lifestyle, relationships, love, spirituality, and health and wellness to decide what is working for you and what you may be interested in shifting in changing to create an even more incredible life.

We see life as a quest of finding your way through your own Wonderland that you are fully in control of and shift or change when you are ready. This means getting curious about your who, what, when, where, and why. That does not mean that bad things will never happen in your life, but that you choose how you respond and deal with those things just like you do with the good things that occur. There is no right or wrong way to do life, there is just different. Each new opportunity presented is yet another rabbit hole you can say yes or no to.

Jennie´s Story

Jennie Adams on Sofa Austin, TX
Jennie Adams, Austin, TX

I started a relatively traditional route marrying at 25, completing degrees in accounting and management, and having a child at 31. Then everything changed. My son became very ill with an undiagnosable syndrome and passed away after a good fight at 13 months and 25 days. I started a quest of healing which included turning my entire life on its head including walking away from my marriage and eventually walking away from a corporate accounting career after 14 years.

Now, I have an incredible life in a new country with an amazing partner in crime and travel to all sorts of fascinating places. If you would like to learn more about me, my experiences, or my life now please visit Our Quests.

I coach people all around the world on creating their life how they want it, shifting their relationships, and building the businesses they desire. If you are interested in working with me, please see our Offerings page for more details.

Robin’s Story

Robin Adams, UK

I was never “successful” with women. I was diagnosed with depression and impaired ejaculation around the age of 20. I tried one thing after another, from mainstream psychotherapy and antidepressants to meditation and Tantra. I spent many years swinging between believing I had found the miracle cure, to believing I had to settle down to being miserable and was silly to believe life could be any other way. But gradually, I noticed that every therapy had a common message that I’d missed:

Your emotions are your strength.  Not a weakness, not a problem to be fixed.  The fact that you feel emotions so strongly is a strength.

From Orgasmic Meditation, I learned to approach my sex, interacting with women, my work – the whole of my life – in a goalless way.  Moment by moment, I say and do the thing that will create the greatest connection, not the thing that I think will get me the outcome I want.  My goal is simply to feel the other person, and let them feel me.

And I made a vow that I was going to dive into this world and fully experience everything it has to offer.  I am going to be happy.  I am going to be miserable.  I am going to fall passionately in love.  I am going to have my heart trampled into the dust.  I am going to dazzle the world with my genius.  I am going to fall flat on my face and be humiliated.  I am going to live!

I would love for you to join me on this journey.