Just writing the word money causes so much sensation within me. I could feel a warm buzz throughout the trunk of my body.

Money Money Money by Jennie Adams
Money Money Money by Jennie Adams

We forget so often that money is actually a tool in our toolbox to assist us in creating the life we want. Many times, we abuse it like so many abuse food or drugs. We horde it, or spend it all as fast as possible as we don’t like having it in our possession. What if we all work to change that about ourselves?

You can say, “But I don’t make enough to change this relationship!” Maybe that is true, but what if you shift it just one dollar, one euro, one pound, or even ten kroner at a time?

How would it feel to have a healthy nest egg for emergencies and to be debt free? How would it feel to have savings for retirement, trips, or classes you want to take? How would it feel to live without the enormous fear residing in you that you cannot spend money on anything? What if I said you could start shifting your relationship there today?

First, it is time to stop shaming yourself. Whatever situation you are in, you are capable of reversing. Perhaps it will only be a small bit each day, but those small bits add up.

Second, take full ownership of your situation. List out all of your debts. Your are doing great! It is about getting real and honest with yourself. If you have no debts, awesome!

Third, list out the things you also want like an emergency fund, retirement, vacation, experiences, classes, anything you are wanting or needing to purchase.

Now you have all of your baskets except for your monthly expenses. It’s time to put those together as well along with how much you are making.

Does your income cover your monthly expenses? If not, are there ways for you to bring in more? Perhaps side jobs, selling things you do not need, cutting services that you don’t use. There is no right or wrong way. It is what feels best for you.

Now it’s time to take a little break. Stand up, put on some music, dance a bit, shake it off, get a glass of water and possibly a little snack. Give yourself at least 5-10 minutes for this break.

Now, check in with your your body and how you are feeling. Is there anything in there still needed to be shaken out? If so give yourself another thorough head-to-toe shake out.

It’s time to create how you would like your money situation to look and put it on paper. Draw pictures detailing how you want it to look or write a story about it. Make sure to include how each part makes you feel. Really have fun with it! The sky is the limit!

After you are done, take in a nice big breath and let it out slowly.

Put where you are now on one side and where you want to be on the other side. With just one small step, how can you start moving from the now to your goals and desires? Maybe it is spending less by making your own coffee or lunch each day & putting the difference towards your debt – 1-2 dollars more a week to each one. Perhaps it is taking that amount and putting it into an emergency fund. May this amount will be your fun money for the month to do something you love to do, but don’t typically allow yourself the luxury.

The goal is to switch from you working for your money, to you creating a space where your money is a tool working for you.

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