I desire to feel you watching me,
Your eyes following my every move,
Gentle play occurring as you come closer,
To feel the thickness of the air growing as we become closer together.

I desire to feel your touch,
Your hand in mine,
Gentle caressing of my naked arm,
To stare into your beautiful eyes reaching into your soul as you let me in deeper.

I desire to feel your lips,
Your lips kissing me,
Gentle sucking and teasing down my neck,
To feel me defenses melting away as if they never existed in the first place.

I desire to lie naked wrapped up in your arms,
Your body’s heat pulsating against mine,
Gentle touching of the curve of your body against me,
To feel my body opening up to all of the gorgeous raw sensations of letting you further in.

I desire to feel devoured,
Your need flowing through me,
Gentle surrender occurring from every inch of my being,
To know deep inside how much the dropping of all masks and surrendering completely is my greatest desire.

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