Creating and Running Your Business

All creation comes from a place of either inspiration or desperation. This is no different for business, life creation, health and wellness, relationships, or spirituality. To be totally honest, I believe that your ability to run a business – any business – directly correlates to your ability to create and maintain any type of relationship, […]

Your Anger and Rage

I want to feel and experience your anger and rage fully. That is how I get to completely and utterly connect with you. I want to get down in the dirt and muck with you, rolling and wallowing around in it, to fully understand where you are. That anger and rage is your passion – […]


Through the years I have met many who put themselves on pedestals, as if they know more than others. I’m not referring to someone who has just had more life experiences than others (that often makes them more humble). I’m referring to people who believe that they know better than you what you should do, […]

Choosing and Following Practices

I have many friends that jump full force into a practice like an addiction, only to burn out completely a few weeks or months later. They do this repeatedly and each time leave everything behind – always on the lookout for the next high or the perfect practice. Other friends stay rigidly with a specific […]

You Know More Than You Think You Know

I have many friends that have become entrenched in spiritual communities, or just worked with healers. I have done both myself. At first they feel very good, but at some point things start feeling not so great. When they start voicing that something feels off, the leaders or healers do not listen to the constructive […]

The Depth of Your Grief is Measure of Your Love

Over the past 10 years I have experienced a significant number of losses including my child, countless pets, friends’ children, family members, and a significant other’s two suicide attempts. I’ve seen many people being pushed to speed up the grief and recovery process, or to try to rush through the “stages of grief”.  The stages […]

Moving to a New Country With Pets

It has been a year since I moved from Texas to the Netherlands and five months from the Netherlands to Norway with two dachshund mixes and a cat. Boy, was that first move an adventure! Okay, BOTH moves were adventures, but for completely different reasons. Based on what I learned, I wanted to write up […]

Starting Over

The mind retaliates. Keep trudging along like you always have. The rule book exists for a reason. Defying it and setting off on your own path exudes with selfishness, abandoning others, and showing others there may actually be a better path. I have done this a few times now. As a child we moved or […]