More About Robin

I am a scientist, mathematician, logician and philosopher.  I work as a university researcher during the day, and I love my job: it is wonderful that we live in a time when I can devote myself full-time to expanding the sum total of human knowledge, and passing that knowledge on to the next generation.  However, I believe education was never meant to be just preparation for a job.  A philosophy is supposed to be a way of life, not an abstract theory.  I love my work – whether with an individual, couple or a class – when I can design a series of exercises and practices, pulling information from many different sources, in a way that people can integrate into their lives.  I love watching my students work hard, with the occasional nudge from me, to become the best versions of themselves.


What I Bring To The Table

I have devoted my life to understanding the universe – all of it, the scientific and the spiritual side.  I have worked as a university researcher, moving from country to country as I joined different research projects on subjects from quantum computing to mathematical logic.  I have studied philosophy and learned about spiritual schools and religions from Eastern and Western traditions.  However, I believe that a philosophy should be a way of life, not an abstract, theoretical study.  My life was deeply transformed by learning Orgasmic Meditation, and now I desire to help other people the way I was helped. Qualifications:

  • OneTaste Certified Coach
  • OneTaste Certified Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Trainer
  • Completed many of the advanced courses on OM offered by OneTaste including Orgasm Mastery and the Nicole Daedone Intensive.
  • BA in Mathematics with Philosophy from Oxford University, and a PhD in Mathematics.
  • 10 years’ research experience as a mathematician, logician and philosopher.
  • Experience as an entrepeneur, working both freelance and founding a startup company.
  • Experience as a stand-up comedian, amateur actor and popular science speaker.