You are the Tool

Robin and Jennie Wedding Tree by Peter Palm from
Robin and Jennie Wedding Tree by Peter Palm from

Without surrendering to being a tool of Spirit/God/Higher Power/Universe, the event pictured above would never have occurred. A little over a year and a half before this event, the person I was seeing attempted suicide not once, but twice. I could have curled up in a ball and no one would have questioned my choice to drop out of the coaching program I was beginning the next week. Yet, I listened deep within myself and someone whispered to go. Each month for the next 10 months I came back to this voice deciding if I should go or stay home. The voice only told me one month not to go. That next month it told me to go. There was a beautiful wedding there that weekend on Saturday and I finally became in touch for my desire for not only a partner, but a marriage to an individual that desired the same things I desired. Sunday we did a practice exercise on couples coaching and I met Robin.

We all fight this idea of being the tool so much. I, in fact, have been avoiding writing this piece as it is even hard for me to fully embrace sometimes. Then I go back to my resistance being my ego, nothing more. I am being directed to write this so here we go:

Spirit/God/Higher Power/Universe/Angels/Demons are not tools of ours. We are the instrument or tools of Spirit/God/Universe.

I’m going to leave those two sentences right there by themselves to sink in. Most use prayer or magic to get what they want. Then they get horrifically angry and mad because they don’t get what it was they prayed for or did magic for. Guess what?! It actually DOES NOT work that way! YOU have to DO the WORK!

What does doing the work mean? It means you can request assistance and guidance from Spirit/God/Higher Power/Universe/Angels/Demons and, if it is in alignment with your direction and purpose, you will see signs assisting you along your journey in getting there. That journey is your work. Nothing in life is just given. Even when it comes to being born, you have to work for it. This is not a bad thing at all!

I know so many who think if they just pray harder or do more magic or ask the right Angel or right Demon, all of a sudden everything they want will just fall into their lap without putting an ounce of work, as that prayer or magic is “work.” No, it is simply asking for assistance along the way. That’s it. Nothing more exciting than that.

Someone did this recently while in their car. They were listening to a song that included “Let Jesus take the wheel” and took their hands off of the steering wheel, ending up crashing into someone’s house. For some odd reason they forgot that in the Bible Jesus was of the mindset of teaching a man to fish instead of just delivering a truck loads of fish to the person.

The experiences and learning opportunities you have in life are there for a purpose, no matter how much you hate them and wish they could have different outcomes. Some of them totally suck. Losing my son was excruciating, yet, so many blessings came into my life that I would never have understood without having gone through all that I went through. I also feel so blessed for each moment that I was graced with the opportunity to be his mom.

I see many who think that, because they did not complete a class or learning experience, they did not receive anything out of it. This actually boggles my mind. Even in not finishing, you receive so much. It allows you to see how you could have handled things differently for the next time an opportunity arrises. That is a tremendous amount to learn from.

Some questions to ponder:

  • Are you treating Spirit/God/Higher Power/Universe/Angels/Demons as tools in your life and allowing your ego to believe it is in control? How is that working for you?
  • What occurs when you switch from a place of ego to a place of surrender and be the instrument or tool of Spirit/God/Universe?

Just some ideas to ponder. It is funny how hard it is for our ego to surrender to the truth in life.

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