More About Jennie

As a coach, I desire to assist you in breaking through the barriers keeping you from having your lifeĀ“s desires. We will delve into what is holding you back from reaching them and how to propel you forward to embracing the life you have always dreamed living. Within this, we will use various tools of many disciplines to get you there and even in the tough moments I will be there to remind you of what it is you are reaching for. This is what I offer.

Jennie in Norway

What do I bring to the table?

A wealth of knowledge on how to overcome the impossible to many. I have lost a child to an undiagnosed syndrome, experience the breakdown of an 18 year relationship, assisted individual dealing with undiagnosable and rare diseases, worked through healing after a previous partner attempted suicide, walked away from a life I thought I desired twice to move halfway across the world with two dogs and a cat to build my dream life with a man I cannot imagine my life without. Qualifications:

  • OneTaste Certified Coach
  • OneTaste Certified Orgasmic Meditation Trainer
  • 14 years as an accountant in the corporate world with degrees in both accounting and management working within privately owned companies all of the way up to Fortune 500
  • 4 years as the executive director of a non-profit that I co-founded assisting individuals and families with rare and undiagnosable diseases
  • 6 years as a patient advocate in the world of rare and undiagnosable diseases
  • Shamanic Practitioner since 2012
  • Certified Angelic Guidance CounselorĀ®

I am here to serve and help you create the life, relationships, or business you have been desiring to bring into the world. Be careful what you wish for!