“As a coach, Jennie is an amazing combination of patience with kindness and knowledgeable with wisdom. She has given me tremendous amounts of approval for my emotions, showing me how the wildness of that part of me has its wisdom to share. I feel welcome and loved for who I am when I’m in her presence. I also notice it is fairly common that I suddenly feel like I can slow down and see and feel into myself more when she is there to guide me. She can have a subtle touch, allowing me to find my way while she makes little adjustments for me to continually see all of my worth. She can also lay me out flat if I need that too, her range of experience as a coach allows for her to put a stop to anything she deems unhealthy. There are countless times she has helped me get back on the path or just further down the path I was intending to be on and I’m incredibly grateful.” – Darren T. – Austin, Texas

“Jennie is an excellent coach, because she knows the exact right questions to ask you that lead you where you need to go. There’s never a feeling of set destination or you need to be or act a certain way when coaching with her, she lavishes on so much approval on you and your growth process as she walks with you through it.  That growth process can be simply emotionally growing up, as was my case, financial goals, relationship goals and so on. Once she helps you through the fogginess of whatever issue you’re having in life, she’ll help you explore what your desires are and then helps you construct a blueprint or masculine structure to attain those goals in life. Such as money planning, saving, or whatever else is needed. I highly recommend and support her as anybody’s coach!” -Jeremy P. – Austin, Texas

“When we started, I was sexless, very much in my head, “emotional connection”-focused and without any women around. Then slowly things started changing, but I was struggling a lot with my old patterns mainly around my understanding how relationship with women “should” work, and I didn’t get all of that OneTaste talk about penetrating, handling, letting beast out etc. The way Robin helped me understand many of these concepts was just so clear and straight to the point, that it was almost like seeing very clear diagram in front of me! Applying that in practice was the next step, and all the homework assignments that he gave me (I’d say 90% of them) kept my focus on doing just that. After all of that, and thanks to OMing, I have women around in my life, I’m in new relationship, and the only thing I can complain – is that I don’t have time for all of these women now!” – Tomasz P. – London, UK

“I came to Robin and Jennie at a time when I wasn’t very happy in my relationship. It occurred to me that I needed help. Through our coaching we worked through issues in my open relationship. After several weeks of coaching, I have really learned to trust my own desires more and play for the first time in my life. I worked through a complex problem of not feeling loved in my relationship. Now I feel like I am on my way to viewing commitments more as play than work.” -Will K. – Dallas, Texas