Creating and Running Your Business

All creation comes from a place of either inspiration or desperation. This is no different for business, life creation, health and wellness, relationships, or spirituality.

To be totally honest, I believe that your ability to run a business – any business – directly correlates to your ability to create and maintain any type of relationship, including the one with yourself. If you are unable to create healthy relationships and boundaries within your life in other areas, this is going to completely leak over into the business you are creating and running.

This requires you to do the work to learn what type of relationship you want to cultivate with your business. It is not easy. It is a labor of love. Unless you truly know your why, you will lose your momentum in creating it and your potential for failure will drastically increase.

There are reasons the failure rate of businesses is so high:

  • Poor planning
  • Not taking the time to be fully in touch with your why
  • Expectation of quick success
  • Lack of focus or ambition to see it through
  • Desperation

Poor Planning

Poor planning can cover so many things. Many leave their career without taking the time to set up a healthy foundation for the time it will take for their new business to be fully up and running. This means making sure that you will have health insurance in case anything happens, money saved for a minimum of 6 months’ living expenses, and money for outside the norm occurrences. Most business take about 2 years to get fully up and running with the potential of sustaining those in charge. If you do not have the funds saved, how are you going to make ends meet in the mean time? What side jobs can you take on to stay above water? Perhaps you stay in your previous career while establishing this new business and wait until it is running before quitting. A good spot to transition is when you are needing to turn away or put off clients as it needs more time than your day job allows.

How much is everything you are trying to do really going to cost you? Most severely underestimate and it keeps them from getting off the ground and running. If no one signs up for your class, are you going to be able to still make it for the month? You are going to have offerings where no one is a Yes. That is just part of life and the learning curve when adjusting your products to your audience. How much of a financial impact is that going to be? Can you handle it and stay in a place of we will make adjustments and do better next time, or will you be one that lets this experience set you back?

Your Why

So you have this awesome idea. Great! What is your driving force to create this thing? Dig really deep. What is your why that will keep you going forward, no matter how good or bad things are? Many times, things get really bad before they turn around and get good. Your Why is what keeps you going and focused.

Quick Success Dream

Many believe that, coming right out of the starting gate, getting clients or selling products will be as easy as spreading softened butter on warm toast. It happens sometimes, but that is not the norm. People who typically pull this off have done a tremendous amount of work on establishing their foundation and accruing potential clients or customers beforehand. They have wooed people that are waiting with bated breath for the release. That ‘quick’ success takes a lot more effort and work than most realize.

Lack of focus or ambition to see it through

Honestly, you are going to work harder than you ever have in your life. At times you are going to get fed up and want to abandon it. Other times are going to feel like drudgery. 40-hour weeks are going to be nothing in comparison to the amount of time you are going to have to put in to get fully up and running successfully. Each time, you are going to need to back to your Why and remind yourself exactly why you are choosing to do this. It is way easier to be working to build someone else’s dream than your own, as you have the full monty of responsibility on all fronts, whether it is successful or not. When it is a vision you are incredibly passionate about, you have the drive to do it. Just remember to follow the pace that the business is setting, not trying to force it to your pace.


This is a tough one. Getting into a place of desperation can push you exceedingly hard to success. The difference is that you do not want your desperation to push your clients or customers away. Instead, shift it to fuel your creation and connection to others, so that they have the ability to learn about what you are offering. Let people feel and experience your passion behind what you are bringing forth. This will create a space where they will want to learn more and want more.

You can do this!

I know deep down you are capable of creating and bringing into the world what you are envisioning. You just have to truly believe in yourself, your product, your service, and put the time and effort in to create a solid foundation on which to build. This is what brings in the clients and customers as they will believe in you. Something others don’t mention: even if you do not succeed, you have already done more than most ever will attempt. Be as proud of your failures as you are of your successes!

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