Filet Mignon Sex

We live in a fast-paced world. Everything needs to be done 5 minutes ago. We are focused on the finalization of everything instead of the journey. In other words, we choose to eat fast food in all areas of our life, versus savoring each bite of a perfectly cooked filet mignon that melts in our mouth. Many would never even see the option of slowing down and enjoying something as decadent as high tea.

I see this in many people’s sex. We are focused on climax – that split second at the end. Most never slow down to feel each sensation arising – his cock sliding millimetre by millimetre into him or her, or her pussy sliding further along millimetre by millimetre over his cock – each sensation flowing through our entire body. It is intense to hold this much sensation in your body as it continues to rise – perhaps too intense! Instead we rush through sex as if we have to climax and finish so we can get on with our day. Now “wham bam thank you ma’am” sex can be fun, but is that really the only type of sex you want to have?

When it comes to oral sex, most never slow down and enjoy every moment of the seduction. Slowly kissing down your lover’s body, letting the intensity and sensation build with each kiss, as you get closer and closer to their genitals. Even slowing down and taking in the scent of their body, noticing how it shifts the more turned on they become. Taking his soft cock into your mouth and savoring the feeling of it in your mouth as it gets harder. Lightly touching her quivering pussy and feeling her clit becoming more pronounced and harder as you tease it out to play.

This can show up even in masturbation. Most do not take the time to coax their own climax out, but feel the need to rush it, to just get it over with. This is so telling of how we run our entire lives.

This flows over into relationships as well. Many stick with the “get in and get out” approach, never even seeing what is there. They do not show any true curiosity in actually connecting to the person they desire to have sex with. Many jump from person to person, having this junk food sex all of the time. This is not a promotion of monogamy, but a look at the idea of actually slowing down and connecting with the person in front of you, to experience the most out of the connection possible so that one is more filled from the experience.

Junk food does not satiate for long. In fact, typically soon after eating it you want more, as you did not give your body the nutrients it was craving. Filling it with more junk food does not solve the nutritional deficiency you have going on. Eating junk food on occasions is okay, but take the time to look at situations and see if you are regularly reaching for the junk food, or if you are having the more nourishing and enjoyable fillet mignon at least occasionally.

How do you want your sex to look and feel? Are you nourished from it or are you still feeling hungry or insatiable after? What type of sex is your body asking for and craving? Do you take the time to feel in and see what it is asking for? What if you do the next time? It only takes a moment.

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