It’s funny: after being completely relationship-free with permission to play as hard or as soft as I desired for a year, my inner whore anly arrived at the scene when I chose to become monogamous with someone I adore. Perhaps it was the change of scenery, or that he was in full approval of all of my desires, or that I dropped all of the chains holding me back, or that there is no one trying to control me. Or maybe it is that I have shifted to fully believing in a sex-positive way of life based on the principles of Orgasmic Meditation with this man, and I have finally touched my full permission for myself for the first time. It’s funny I give others permission yet, until the last year, I never fully gave myself that same permission.

I am full of approval for all the desire that I feel from the men around me. It feels amazing when I feel their desire in my body.  Your desire turns me on fully. Let me flirt and play with you. I know that, with my attention on you, many women who are available are going to become interested in what you have, that I am giving attention to.

For the women, I desire you to have what I have. Not monogamy, unless you desire it, but full confidence, openness, and acceptance of your desires. I want to be there to watch it unfold for you. I want to flirt and play with you as much as I desire to with the men. Heck, probably even more so, as flirting with women can be the ultimate turn on! Being fully appreciated by a woman is such a gorgeous thing.

I desire to stroke everyone for my pleasure. My desire is also to give everybody permission and access to what I have, so others can experience this in their life. It doesn’t matter if it is with my eyes, my writing, verbally, my touch, a hug, or any other avenue of connection. I just want you to have access to all of this gorgeous feeling.

How often do you give yourself permission to feel, and experience your desire and turn on? Do you hogtie it down and shame it, use minor desires like unhealthy foods to squelch it, or allow it to flow through you while giving it approval? Have you ever played a game of just feeling the desire in others, with no interest in the outcome, but just to feel?

Desire can just be felt, it does not have to be acted on. In fact, sometimes this can be the most fun way to feel it, as it courses through your body. Allowing the tumescence to build can be a blast. When you give permission to other’s desires, you teach yourself to give yourself permission for your own. You can choose to use the energy you build in any way which feels good. You can use it to create, draw, paint, build, play, in your sex, and many other avenues. The sky is the limit!

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