The Crazy Bill of Sale: What if There is Another Way?

As  children we are all sold this crazy bill of sale. We are told if you follow this set of rules then you will create the life that we know you want. Do not deviate at all from these parameters and you will have everything your heart desires. The thing is that it is completely and utterly false and fake.

Schools now teach to the test instead of teaching children how to think for themselves. Music, play time, gym time, art, and recess have been minimized or dropped completely. Everything has become focused on academic success, yet all of the pieces that create academic success such as music, play time, gym time, art, and recess have been thrown out and school looks more like an assembly line.

Even in college students have this idea reinforced that you go to college to follow certain guidelines with no real thinking involved then you graduate and go to your job where you follow a new set of rules every day with minimal thinking outside the box and lots of button pushing. And people wonder why they are more miserable then previous generations.

This is also true in the dating game. You must meet your significant other in school or at work or at a bar or online. At 3 dates you have sex with the person. Being married before 30 for a woman is necessary if you want children and you should just take what is on the menu in front of you instead of being picky. For men, you have a bit more time, but you must follow the steps in the dating world one specific way to get what you want. If the game or guide book doesn’t work for you, you are the problem, not the game.

Once you are married, the push is to have children within a certain period of time. If not, you seek out a fertility specialist to stay on your time schedule that society has dictated for you. Then you have the children and you are now being whacked for if you gave birth naturally, had meds involved, or had a c-section. Next it is all about breast feeding, where you are breast feeding, or if you not breast feeding. Then you have your 6 – 12 weeks off for having the baby and you either return to work which makes you a bad mom for abandoning your child or you stay at home which makes you a bad mom for not doing your part for the family financially. For the dad, he needs to now be the major bread winner. Him choosing to stay home while mom works is beyond the scope of possibility.

So you are forced into a specific life with children being raised a certain way. Parents, many times, become miserable and the relationships devolves and they end up divorcing. It’s okay though, most first marriages don’t make it. Now you are back in the dating world searching for someone who will still love you with all of your excess baggage.

Is This Really the Bill of Sale You Want to Live by?

I tried to force myself into this parameter and I was absolutely horrifically miserable every step of the way. It was not the life experience I wanted! This is when I made a decision to find my own way through my own wonderland.

(c) Alexskopje Stock Photography
(c) Alexskopje Stock Photography

You can continue to try to force yourself into the pre-defined story, if you want. Many do. It is also part of why so many people have anxiety, depression, chemical dependency, food addiction, mountains of debt, etc.

Marching to the beat of your own drummer, when starting out, is difficult. There are a plethora of nay sayers in your life that will diligently work to hold you back because they are too afraid to reject the paradigm that does not work for them either. Just say thank you to their input or ideas and keep putting one foot in front of the other or you can choose to go back to sleep, buy back into the bill of sale, and be back in this very boring game where everyone else is.

Finding Your Way Through Your Own Wonderland

Do you want to move forward knocking all of the sleep out of your eyes? Then welcome to your version of the Matrix or Wonderland! There are all sorts of rabbit holes to explore, interesting and unique people to meet, and experiences to be had.

(c) Dvarg Stock Photography
(c) Dvarg Stock Photography

I am going to be completely honest, it is not going to be only rose coloured glasses, tea and cake, and easy. You have to face your demons and dragons to break free. Everything that is holding you back and all of the stories that you have bought into in your life are going to try to force you to stay stuck in the muggle world. Some of them are going to be incredibly difficult to shift as they have been handed down through the generations and everyone around you buys into them.

To assist you along your journey and quest, make sure to find some supporters and cheerleaders that will encourage you when you lose your momentum, when you can’t quite break the code to shift the story, when the demons and dragons are getting the upper hand, or when you need to take a little break. You will be amazed to find how many are out there and how often the universe will show up and provide when you least expect it.

It is All a Choice

You get to choose if you want to stay in the muggle world this lifetime or to wake up and create your own path. In both scenarios, you are responsible for everything that occurs along the path. Neither is better or worse than the other. They are just different. My experience has been that once you start on this path it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to turn back. Personally, I would not want it any other way and I have been completely blown away learning at each and every step.

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