The Leap of Faith

Most people I know (myself included) hold onto a relationship, job, way of eating, or situation long after its expiration date – the point where it is clear that it is time to leave.  We just allow it to become more and more uncomfortable, sometimes even toxic. We don’t take responsibility and make the shift […]

Creating Your Happily Ever After

Our society has become obsessed with big events. We focus on the wedding, the birth of the child, or even the funeral. People spend incredible amounts of money for all three and ignore everything that comes after. It is as if we are living in a fairy book where the day happens and everything else […]

Ghosting & Abandonment Triggers

No matter how much work you do, there are always going to be little things and shadow work for you to face and shift. Mine recently has been focused abandonment. Ghosting: the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship (from This is one seriously messed up […]


We blame when we’re uncomfortable or when we’re in pain… We blame to discharge anger, discomfort. That’s all blame is. It has no adaptive function at all. – Brené Brown Being on the receiving end of blame can be excruciating. To do it effectively, one must allow it to just flow through and flush out […]