Meditating on Flow

I have begun my Six Times Book by Geshe Michael Roach. You are the one writing the book by checking in with yourself each day six times a day. If you would like to read more on this practice, please go to this site: One of the pieces of the day is meditating. Typically […]


Through the years I have met many who put themselves on pedestals, as if they know more than others. I’m not referring to someone who has just had more life experiences than others (that often makes them more humble). I’m referring to people who believe that they know better than you what you should do, […]

Choosing and Following Practices

I have many friends that jump full force into a practice like an addiction, only to burn out completely a few weeks or months later. They do this repeatedly and each time leave everything behind – always on the lookout for the next high or the perfect practice. Other friends stay rigidly with a specific […]