The Leap of Faith

Most people I know (myself included) hold onto a relationship, job, way of eating, or situation long after its expiration date – the point where it is clear that it is time to leave. ¬†We just allow it to become more and more uncomfortable, sometimes even toxic. We don’t take responsibility and make the shift […]

Choosing and Following Practices

I have many friends that jump full force into a practice like an addiction, only to burn out completely a few weeks or months later. They do this repeatedly and each time leave everything behind – always on the lookout for the next high or the perfect practice. Other friends stay rigidly with a specific […]

You Know More Than You Think You Know

I have many friends that have become entrenched in spiritual communities, or just worked with healers. I have done both myself. At first they feel very good, but at some point things start feeling not so great. When they start voicing that something feels off, the leaders or healers do not listen to the constructive […]