The Leap of Faith

Most people I know (myself included) hold onto a relationship, job, way of eating, or situation long after its expiration date – the point where it is clear that it is time to leave. ¬†We just allow it to become more and more uncomfortable, sometimes even toxic. We don’t take responsibility and make the shift […]


Failure is such a chargy word. I prefer “I fucked up!” Thanks Robert Kandell for that gem! Why? When I say it out loud with my arms in the air just like Rob taught, I just feel better. It makes space for me to make any adjustments and change my ways too, instead of being […]

Inspiration or Desperation

Most of us spend much of our lives similarly to my dogs pictured above – uninspired and not desperate enough to change anything until it is food time or we need to go outside. For years I have been reminded by many that we move due to inspiration or desperation. I have had this repeatedly […]