Further Banking Adventures

In all honesty, I have some sort of aversion when it comes to banks at this point in my life. I spent the majority of my time in the accounting world working with them all of the time in some fashion or another. It’s not that I believe they are evil organizations that specifically look for ways to take advantage of unsuspecting or naive individuals, persay. I just find the way they typically do things exceedingly annoying and that they do not have their customer’s best interest at heart.

I attempt to not focus on the piece where out of the two people I have been friends with that work for banks, one is a satanist that regularly works with dark magic to hurt others they feels hurt this person or those around them and the other writes their fear inventory to satan. The latter has seriously religious people in their family so I think it’s really to just release the steam from growing up in an oppressive religious background.


With our first bank, I was originally treated as if I did not exist by the bank employee. The second time we went back we, thankfully, worked with a different woman who explained the way things are handled in Norway concerning banking and got us straitened out. After receiving my card and number generator, I proceeded to get myself locked out of online banking. Not once or twice, but at least 5 times by now and I’ve only had an account for 3-4 months.

For the past few months we have been working on switching over to a new bank as they charge less in fees. Robin was able to open an account with them quite easily, running into zero roadblocks.

Enter the new bank and me. We have attempted to do this in person with all of my documents and my bank identification number that I received from the old bank. We were told I have to set up an account online at home then to come in to create a joint account.

Well, I have repeatedly tried to set up the new account. I even called in the phone number for assistance. The guy on the line couldn’t figure out my issue either. Today we decided to try in the bank again.

We left a bit later than we expected. Instead of starting off to make the bus at 8:30 AM, we were on our way for the 9 AM one. We were slushing through the rain soaked farm to the bus stop. I think it was me putting my rain jacket on outside that created us missing it as it had just started raining again. Impressively, we missed the bus by 1 minute. It pulled up as we were attempting to cross the street to get to the stop & there was not a break in traffic then to be able to pull it off. Because it is summer, that meant waiting 30 minutes for the next one instead of the regular 15 minutes between busses. Good thing we had not started our morning pages yet and could use the time to get to work on them!

We rode the bus all of the way in and ended up deciding to take the tram to the bank instead of just walking as the weather was not exceptionally inviting. After arriving, we walked inside and were excited as we were the next person to be called. Typically when we stop by there they have like 20 people in front of us.

They soon called us and took us to someone to work with us. She informed us that we could do it on the customer computers and walked us over to them. Well, I have this talent for taking out computers when I’m around. I don’t mean to… ALL of the the customer computers were down. Neither her nor a coworker could figure it out. She ended up telling us to go home and try it some more as she had no way in which to help us.

For now, I’m surrendered to not being able to switch bank accounts as I have no clue on how to create a way for this to occur.

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